Fire Features

As founder of the design and build firm Fire Features, sculptor Elena Colombo has turned what she calls her “healthy pyromania” into a booming business where she creates stunning fire, water and wind features that adorn the landscapes of private homes, hotels, and resorts worldwide. Elena’s sculptures are often the defining element of a landscape. They accentuate a space and give it unique character.
Elena is especially inspired by the primal need we have for fire and our instinct to gather around a warm lighted place to share food, stories, music and experiences. As she puts it, she’s on a mission “to restore the hearth as a ceremonial place and as a point of convergence for families and friends.”  Her designs reflect this goal. They are pieces of art that dazzle the senses and draw people around for conversation, warmth and happy memories.

Overlook Café, renovated and reconceptualized by Arcsine, transports members and guests to a time when mid-century modern architecture and design flourished. Situated above the pool room at The Olympic Club—a historic athletic club operating since 1860 in San Francisco—the café combines the club’s sports-driven heritage with stylish and contemporary accoutrements.

The café’s logo—with the light blue-accentuated bottom of the letters playfully depicted as being half-submerged in water—along with a framed vintage club flag greets guests as they enter the bright space. Overlooking the club’s swimming pool, the multipurpose space features bold yet classic aesthetics such as white picket tiles from Statement Tile and luxury vinyl tile flooring from Reward.