Unbiased News from the United States of America, not Palo Alto, CA.

by Manji Premasingh


News outlets from the mainstream media have been criticized not only for their lackluster reporting but also for their lack of honesty. Sadly, children growing up today actually believe a lot of these news outlets, and become agitated when finding out the truth. CNN, also commonly referred to as the Clinton News Network is so biased in their reporting that viewers turn on the station merely to be entertained by the dishonesty, knowing full well the attitudes of their editors, if they even have them, is going to be slanted devilishly hard left. It’s fun and we all know it. But it’s not the truth.

The Washington Post and The New York Times consistently run articles which slant innuendo and opinion as news. Citing opinion in every article as fact, they’ve become testimonials to the bias of days gone by, giving little more than recitations of political jargon they’ve picked up from billionaire egoists whose utterly mad world view should not be repeated much less cast as newsworthy. What difference at this point is this going to make? Telling the truth in the news? The shockwaves of false news as shared by editors of manipulative writers is culturally devastating. That’s why. And, that’s not to say the left has any ownership of culture.

By following the leader, so to speak, and writing about issues of innuendo rather than fact, innuendo meaning quoting out of context, not allowing the full story to be told, cutting off remnants of a quote to be misread and misinterpreted, shallow and narrowing of topics for political benefit or any perpetration of the above in any manner or context is basically journalistic fraud. Teaching of subjects lined with the underlying context of fraud such as college professors dishing political content should be paraphrased in that context. Professors should say at the beginning of their class “I’m a leftist gorilla, I will quote articles which make my shallow predeterminations about your fate my own. I intend to practice racism, and limit your true cultural normality to a few short impediments that I believe you should know, not because they are true, but because they’ve been fed to me and I believe them as such.

College professors should preface their classes with the statement that “Even though I may spew garbage that I’ve collected over the years, so shall I notify you that in doing so neither I nor my leftist counterinsurgent gorillas (not guerrillas) are countermanded to say that we do not own freedom. We know nothing about true equality because we do not tolerate it, there is no such thing as a political party owning clean energy, nor women’s rights. A political party may advance an agenda but that does not mean they own it. Because I have the party hat with the pink vagina on it does not mean that I’m not stupid.

To be married politically is about as stupid as one can get. It shows ignorance to the fact that both sides have agendas and some are good. Some are not as good. Choosing sides in a political battle will be devastating to you if you have to go down with the ship. Remember the guy with the blue dick underwear he was planning to were on his head in a march through downtown Savannah – ahh I don’t either. Maybe he got shut down by the morality police of the left. But only had they won. We could have all been dicks. Think about it. We could be walking down the streets with long purple dicks on our heads. Some of them long, like mine, and some short, sorry about that democratic neighbor…but we all have an equal voice and we can all walk down the street like complete morons together! Now that’s standing up for mens’ rights, right?




But it’s not just submarines—Russia has developed “bubbles” of anti-access/area-denial capabilities that make it difficult for the U.S. and allied forces to operate. These zones include the Baltic—where the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad has become heavily fortified bastion—Crimea in the Black Sea, and another zone in the East Mediterranean around the Syrian cities of Tartus and Latakia.

While Russia frames their deployment of advanced surface-to-air, anti-ship and surface-to-surface weapons as defensive, Fritz said that Moscow could—and often does—use those forces offensively.  “The air control capability that Putin’s A2/AD systems afford him, could easily be used to threaten the airspace of all the Baltics,” Fritz said. “That gets at the very issues of NATO security and sovereignty over those countries. So we need to keep in mind that it’s an offensive as well as defensive capability.”

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