Ritz-Craft Homes

2014 BSC Award-winning technology firm Ritz-Craft combine energy efficiency with aesthetics to rival custom architecture on a global scale.

Ritz-Craft Grand Teton

With the inclusion of mobile apps, custom designs for infill areas, and coastal zones these homes are ready-to-occupy in as little as 30 days. Not only are they energy efficient and quick to occupy, they are flexible as they have been used as rooftop decks, and for stand-alone 3 story construction.

Ritz-Craft Grand Teton front

Besides being 50% more efficient in energy usage than most stick-built projects, these homes achieve an average ACH for all homes of 2.82, which is 20% better than EPA standards. In addition to the Energy Star® labeled homes, system-built technology is smart as well as green.

Construction time saving aside, the system-built home is built in a factory with trained technicians, where waste is eliminated. Extra pieces are sourced for reintroduction into the assembly as shims, and reinforcement where conventional framing would have created waste. The indoor construction environment assures the wood is not subjected to weather, which results in true and straight walls with less air infiltration at the seams.

Triple Crown Kitchen

Ritz-Craft is a technology company whose Web Integration includes pricing, and marketing lead management, as well as mobile viewing. After winning 11 of the industry’s most sought after awards in just two years, Ritz-Craft is recognized for excellence in their architectural design innovation, and adoption of architectural best practices for design. Not only does the firm contribute greatly to the world of architecture and design, but it has applied the same principles to the cabinet manufacturing process, transportation, retail sales, and building products management.

Ritz-Craft first opened it’s doors in Argos, Indiana in 1954 producing a line of travel trailers. In the late ‘60’s the company was acquired by Wickes Lumber. In 1976, Paul R. John, Don Ritzenthaler, Glenn Cunningham, and Bob Roney purchased the company from Wickes and consolidated to Mifflinburg, PA. Today, the company owns and operates a trucking company, a cabinet manufacturing facility, an aviation operations company, and several manufacturing facilities over 150,000 sf each. 

Triple Crown Interior

Crane inAll in a day’s work, Ritz-Craft technology and innovation being deployed on-site in a fraction of the amount of time required for stick-built construction.

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