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 For 25 years, Nelson has traveled around the world, creating the most environmentally sustainable, architecturally unique and whimsical treehouses in the world. These arboreal masterpieces showcase Nelson and his skilled team of craftsmen’s boundless creativity (a team that just so happens to include his son, Charlie and his wife, Judy), pushing them to create everything from a spa in the sky, to a fantasy-filling canopy clubhouse, to the first-ever treeline brewery.
This summer, Nelson and his company Nelson Treehouse and supply ( are busier than ever.  Nelson and his team are the subject of the new Animal Planet series “Treehouse Masters” premiering on Friday, May 31st at 10pm. “Treehouse Masters” takes viewers behind the scenes with Nelson, his family, and his team of craftsmen as they work to create the ultimate dream treehouse for their diverse array of clientele. Each episode tells the story of a single, unique treehouse, and its evolution through the design and build process, and ultimately…the reveal to satisfied, stunned clients.
Also coming this summer is Nelson’s appearance as a featured presenter on the Demonstration Stage at America’s largest art and design event, Dwell On Design on June 23rd, a 3-day conference curated by the editors of the elite shelter publication Dwell Magazine. The event brings together the biggest and brightest in the art and design community.

goAbqFBbkDGTjH0CunFUhvYsfnfUBqbi9xFbknXXwOw,qqD2KboO5LDqN2TT-u1lz9DgPv6v9nB9C2z68ToiAnQNelson’s treehouses are designed to accentuate the beauty of the trees themselves and he sees his creations as an enhancement to the natural landscape he chooses to build upon rather than as an intrusion. As a cross between an architect, a custom shipwright, builder/craftsman AND a tree lover, Nelson can’t stand the thought of clearing out property for a guest house or vacation home, so he helps clients perch these properties in the trees. From building houses in the treetops of Japan to constructing around the majestic redwoods in Northern California, Nelson and his team work within the natural landscape of the property to create a unique and whimsical, yet practical and sustainable design. Often complete with running water and electricity, these arboreal retreats provide plenty of space and comfort for the clients, their children and their friends and even guests (the nelsons operate Treehouse point, a treetop B&B, near their home outside of Seattle, Washington)

Please check out all press materials, the trailer and the first episode of Nelson’s new television series, “Treehouse Masters,” here: .

Pete Nelson is the author of five books, including “Treehouses of the World” and “Home Tree Home,” and his latest book is slated for a 2014 release. Nelson is co-founder of Treehouse Workshop and owner of Nelson Treehouse and Supply, and has been featured on media as diverse as NPR and the Today Show and was one of Outside magazine’s “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”

Subject of New TV Series “Treehouse

Masters” Debuting this May on Animal


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