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For centuries, builders, architects and owners have wrestled with the same problems when building a project. Efficiency is always an unknown variable in the trades, and is a defining limitation when that variable is reintroduced through changes, for example. Architects have been utilizing BIM to reevaluate the complex strategies of multi-tasking and tab delimitation of sub-structures but that task management technique falls far short of the delivery promise once engaged in the field. Prescient, a technology company has solved this problem of integration.

By incorporating various technical platforms including shop manufacturing with BIM modeling they have created a virtual – reality in which a building can be built, quantized, and sub-contracted through the actual template upon which the order is placed. Yet, in the order placing is also the beauty, the modeling is the actual shop drawing too. Everything in the BIM model is a standardized panel system. Each input to the designer’s model results in key selection of materials to fulfill the architectural design and the Prescient software selects the frame element automatically.

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Since the technology is pre-engineered both gravity loads, and the wind, or seismic loads are calculated as a whole. In this way, all loading resolves to central piers and these piers are the only part of the unit that change. A 12-story building for example, utilizing this technology just saved an average 20%-30% on waste alone. Framing and labor costs are also substantially reduced, as well as staging area. Very little room is needed on-site because there are no second-guessed parts to parse out. Each material component comes to the site in the order that it needs to be erected. A crew that was once 60-70 can be cut in half.


With only 20-30 workers involved in the construction and erection, insurance costs are significantly reduced.

Once fabrication and erection are completed the new building can be fitted out with Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP.) Sub-structures that once took 60 trips for materials are also reduced as the MEP’s, having studied the model, can actually deliver pre-constructed runs. This reduces individual labor and time on the delivery as a new floor may only require 6 trips for delivery instead of 16. Pieces are guaranteed to fit because all parts are based on the Prescient 2’ x 2’ grid system. In the field, there are no revisions to any areas due to oversight.

CAD CAM REVIT – Prescient offers a trial version,  with over 900 downloads from Autodesk. Software automatically populates the architect’s plan with a 3D replica of what’s ultimately going to get built. Certified installers snap to the grid, and locate each component accordingly. By this specific addressing of identification, the numeric identifier places the pieces in a shop-like efficiency into the field. The architect then drives the process from the software in an alphanumeric source code, which then drives the robotic welding controller without an process engineer re-inputting the component. The platform is recognizing the usefulness of BIM, Prescient is starting to adopt the latest modeling virtually. MEP and subs are not going to be surprised by any lack of coordination.

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In typical construction scenarios one could always expect to have two of three variables, Fast, Good or Cheap. Prescient has merged all three by producing a better product than wood, which is dimensionally stable: no shrinking or twisting.

Quality is panelized – and construction is fast: up to 20,000s.f. in a week with 20 people. Prescient also qualifies for Leed Certified recycle waste and resource management.

In short, the future of the performance approach to engineering is here. Recognizing this as an important first step in the new emerging construction market, Prescient was awarded Patent Number US 8,528,294 B2. Prescient offers cold-formed structural systems and integration software to expedite architectural and engineering design and optimize value, engineering, and coordination. As budgets tighten and owners demand more complex solutions within budget, architects are under the gun to find ways to deliver projects to meet budget. Prescient offers a real, proven, and viable solution.

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